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*** NEW for 2014! Pre-order now ***
For our new MC3 jersey, we are working with Moxie, a women-run company, on a sleeveless tank-style custom jersey (buh-bye, farmer tan!). The style will have a custom MC3 design that is currently in the works. It has a shelf-bra, rear pockets, and wicking material and would make a good running top as well as a sleeveless cycling option. The jerseys cost $67 (with zero markup by MC3) and we have a minimum order of 50. I will not charge any markup for pre-orders, but if we carry inventory there will be some markup. [NOTE: Below is showing style/cut only; our design will be custom.]

Senorita Century

We have heard these run a bit small. WE WILL HAVE A FIT KIT FOR ABOUT A WEEK, March 15-21. We will leave the jerseys at a shop for one week, so people can swing by and try them on at their leisure. PS – Moxie also has cute shrugs that can be worn with the tank in lieu of arm warmers.

How to Order: Email our MC3 treasurer, maaike (dot) everts (at) gmail (dot) com for info on where to mail a check. Your check must be received before order is placed.

The Classic Jersey
Designed by our MVD (Most Valuable Dude) Scott Thigpen of Thigpen Designs, our Classic sold out, but we may do another order if we have enough demand. The woman-approved cut is a looser club-cut with no elastic on the hem. It comes in short-sleeve and sleeveless options. Prices depend on the order quantity.

6 Responses to Buy a Jersey

  1. Are these pendants Sterling Silver? also, they all say “chain not included” do you sell the chain? it looks good with them, might as well buy them together if possible. these are pretty cool pieces. thanx in advance for your repsonse.

  2. Del Holland says:

    Can I get a poster copy of Kim Cross’s re-imagined Rosie the Riveter?

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