Join MC3


MC3 will be charging membership dues in 2014. After three years as a grassroots organization, MC3 has filed for official 501c3 status. Insurance requires official membership dues, so we’ll be inviting you to join via Membership is only $25 for a full year, and gets you access to the following members-only events and perks:

* Monthly Wine, Wenches & Wrenches mechanical seminars ($5/nonmembers)
* Weekly women’s road rides March through October
* MC3 U: Season-long series of FREE 2-hour MTB skills clinics (ladies only!)
* Seasonal parties, special events, and instruction FOR women, BY women
* 10% discount at participating bike shops
* Early-bird registration and discounts on paid clinics/events
* Opportunities to meet and ride with other women who love bikes

Click here to join MC3 

The long version: Go to; and click the link to join. This will prompt an invitation email with further instructions. Allow time for us to approve your membership—this helps us ensure all members are women. You can pay online by credit card or PayPal. We can accept cash or check in person or by mail (Contact maaike (dot) everts (at)

Check the MC3 Google calendar for upcoming events, including a beginner clinic on riding in a paceline, two women’s practice road races, a wheel-truing class, and an advanced MTB clinic with AllRide coach Lindsey Voreis.

Click here to join our Facebook group (it’s private, so that non-members can’t lurk and see who’s riding when). We will post important event updates on this blog, but the real action is happening with daily updates, spontaneous rides, and conversations in our FB community. Once you’re a member, you can add friends to the group. Ladies only!

Follow us on Twitter. Look to @RideMC3 for news, tips, and more on biking and beyond.

Not on Facebook OR Twitter? Email kimhcross (at) yahoo (dot) com to sign up for clinics and find out more about events and rides.

2 Responses to Join MC3

  1. Shonnie says:

    I think I am having a special moment. I can’t seem to join. Or if I have I cannot tell that I have. Would you pleasee assit me. I got your info from a trainer at the Greystone Y. She felt that I would enjoy belonging to a group of women cyclists. :D

  2. Traci Miller says:

    I would like to invite you to attend at Health Fair event. Please contact me. Thank you, Traci

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