2015 MTB Clinic

MC3 U Class of 2015

October 9 – December 13

MC3 U: Instruction for women, by women!

Improving your skills does wonders for your confidence. And mountain biking, like life, is all about confidence. There will be obstacles in your path. If you believe you can get over them, you will. A little technique goes a long way in this sport. But so many elements of good technique are not intuitive. In fact, they feel downright counter-intuitive. That’s why MC3 created the region’s first team of IMBA-certified mountain-bike instructors.

The first half-hour to hour will be taught in a flat, grassy field where instructors break each skill down into basic steps, demonstrate proper form, and provide feedback to riders as they practice it. The setting is designed to build skill and confidence in a non-intimidating, non-competitive environment. Once everyone feels confident, we’ll take it to the trail, stopping to “session” at certain spots. You don’t need a high level of fitness for this; it’s more about skills drills than a workout.

Because women feel less intimidated in an all-female environment, this class is intended for women only. However, we will make exceptions for beginner males who need the same skills and come without disrupting the estrogen. (Fair warning: If a guy treats this class as a “target-rich environment,” we will promptly begin detailed discussions of menstruation.) If you are a dude and wish to attend this class, you must get pre-approval. Also: Because our instructor team has only three females, we may have a female instructor teamed up with a male instructor. Beginner-friendly. Appropriate for riders ages 12 and up. Questions? Email at kimhcross (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Registration begins Friday, September 4th at 8 AM

For more information and to register, click here.

What is MC3 U?

Designed to build skill, confidence, and camaraderie, this women-only series of mountain-bike classes teaches one skill at a time, in a progression that gradually gets more advanced. The 12-week series starts with the fundamentals and progresses into more intermediate skills through the fall. There will be approximately 12 classes from October through December. The goal is to build the skills and stamina you need to ride the entire IMBA Epic Red Loop at Oak Mountain State Park by early December. The “final exam” (optional) is Graduation Day: a group assault on the red loop, with plenty of time to stop, snack, session, and rest. No chix left behind.

I’m a pretty good rider. Do I need this?

Only if you want to ride with more finesse, skill, and confidence. Even intermediate and advanced riders can benefit from honing the basics, and many of the coaches were shocked to learn they had been cornering improperly for years. “I have more confidence and I’m faster and getting better times because my skills are better,” said one of our students, who was already signed up to race the Leadville 100 when she attended her first MC3 clinic. “I will sign up and attend every clinic I can with you in the future.”

What are the classes like?

Taught by IMBA-certified Level II instructors, each class will start with 30-45 minutes of skills drills in a soft, grassy, low-consequence field. The coach will explain the skill, answer questions, demonstrate good technique, and then offer feedback and encouragement as you practice it. When everyone is comfortable, we’ll then head to a trail where you can apply those skills and practice your form in a singletrack environment. We may stop and “session” at certain spots, like logs, tight corners, or drops, providing spotting and encouragement. We’ll conclude with a quick review. At the instructor’s discretion, there may be a little “trail-gating” afterward. BYOB.

How do I know if I’m good enough to attend?

All levels welcome! We have at least one 73-year-old student who began mountain biking at 69. In fact, the less confidence and experience you have, the more you will benefit from each class. We teach in an all-female environment (with the possible exception of occasional male coaches, since we only have two certified females right now). And ALL our coaches are trained to create a non-competitive, unintimidating environment that builds skills, confidence, and camaraderie. The MC3 motto is, “Building courage, confidence, and community…two wheels at a time.” We hope those next two wheels belong to YOU!

How do I sign up?

First, you must be a paid member of MC3 (this is important for insurance purposes). Click here to join—it takes a few steps for us to confirm your membership, so don’t wait until the night before to sign up! Email Coach Kim at kimhcross (at) yahoo (dot) com to secure your spot at least one day in advance (by Saturday night, please). That way she can email participants in the group of cancellation due to weather, etc.

What do I bring?

Bike, helmet (mandatory), water, and your signed waiver/release (we’ll have extras if you forget, but doing this step ahead saves precious ride time). It’s a good idea to bring your ID and health insurance card, just in case (several of our instructors are certified in Wilderness First Aid and will carry first aid kids). In the event of cancellation due to weather or other problems, we will email you through BikeReg.com.

6 Responses to 2015 MTB Clinic

  1. Jane Vickers says:

    I would love to join your group this weekend for the Womens Road-Riding Clinic, but will not have my new bike until next weekend. Does anyone have a road bike (preferrably 54 inch) that you could loan for the weekend?

    Thank you –

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  4. Laura says:

    Where is the class being held?

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