MTB Clinics


MC3 U: Instruction for women, by women!

Improving your skills does wonders for your confidence. And mountain biking, like life, is all about confidence. There will be obstacles in your path. If you believe you can get over them, you will. A little technique goes a long way in this sport. But so many elements of good technique are not intuitive. In fact, they feel downright counter-intuitive. That’s why MC3 created the region’s first team of IMBA-certified mountain-bike instructors.

The first half-hour to hour will be taught in a flat, grassy field where instructors break each skill down into basic steps, demonstrate proper form, and provide feedback to riders as they practice it. The setting is designed to build skill and confidence in a non-intimidating, non-competitive environment. Once everyone feels confident, we’ll take it to the trail, stopping to “session” at certain spots. You don’t need a high level of fitness for this; it’s more about skills drills than a workout.

Because women feel less intimidated in an all-female environment, this class is intended for women only. However, we will make exceptions for beginner males who need the same skills and come without disrupting the estrogen. (Fair warning: If a guy treats this class as a “target-rich environment,” we will promptly begin detailed discussions of menstruation.) If you are a dude and wish to attend this class, you must get pre-approval. Also: Because our instructor team has only three females, we may have a female instructor teamed up with a male instructor. Beginner-friendly. Appropriate for riders ages 12 and up. Questions? Email at kimhcross (at) yahoo (dot) com.


6 Responses to MTB Clinics

  1. Jane Vickers says:

    I would love to join your group this weekend for the Womens Road-Riding Clinic, but will not have my new bike until next weekend. Does anyone have a road bike (preferrably 54 inch) that you could loan for the weekend?

    Thank you –

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  4. Laura says:

    Where is the class being held?

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