GSMR Pratice Road Race

Great turnout this past Sunday at the GSMR practice road race. There were 9 women, including some triathletes and mountain bikers trying their first road race. Maaike Everts did a great job explaining the etiquette and strategy of road racing, and we all stayed together on the first lap, practicing chase drills and taking turns doing some “work” in the pace line. We learned about why road racing is like a chess game, and really enjoyed the ride, the sunshine, and the friendly field.

GSMR (a local team) was kind enough to create a special women’s field so those of us who did not choose to race with the men would have an option. I have long been intimidated by road racing, and this experience got me past that. The women worked together, but were not afraid to go for a breakaway or employ some real competitive tactics, too. It was a fine balance, sans the “agro” nature of some men’s races.

About Kim Cross

Southern Living Editor-at-Large Kim Cross is an award-winning writer who has edited great Southern authors from Rick Bragg to Fannie Flagg. Her first book, What Stands in a Storm (April 2015, Atria/Simon & Schuster) is a narrative nonfiction account of the greatest tornado outbreak in recorded history. She lives in Alabama.
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