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Alabama Spring Mountain Bike Clinic: Class of 2013

The 2013 Alabama Spring Mountain Bike Clinic drew a small but enthusiastic group of students from Alabama, Georgia, and Florida on a cool spring day in Oak Mountain State Park. The Southeast’s first team of IMBA-certified instructors worked closely with … Continue reading

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GSMR Pratice Road Race

Great turnout this past Sunday at the GSMR practice road race. There were 9 women, including some triathletes and mountain bikers trying their first road race. Maaike Everts did a great job explaining the etiquette and strategy of road racing, … Continue reading

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2013 IMIC Clinic Schedule

Improving your skills does wonders for your confidence. And mountain biking, like life, is all about confidence. There will be obstacles in your path. If you believe you can get over them, you can. A little technique goes a long … Continue reading

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