This Weds: Wine, Wenches & Wrenches!

Don’t be “that girl”* who rides for years on too-squishy shocks, overinflates her tires, asks dudes to change her pedals, and never cleans her bike, because she doesn’t know any better. Knowledge is powah! A little knowhow will help you ride faster, take better care of your two-wheel investment, and brighten your teeth.**

When: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 6-8ish p.m.

Where: Bike Link, 2766 John Hawkins Parkway, Hoover, Ala. 205-985-2001

Why: Sip, socialize, and learn some skills every girl should know about maintaining and adjusting her bike. Learn how to:

  • Clean your drive train: Like a good teeth flossing, cleaning your ride’s chain and geared bits feels oh-so-satisfying. This is relevant for roadies and mountain bikers alike.
  • Change a flat: Even if you know how to change a tire, learn some tips for making it faster. For a hands-on demo, bring your wheel.
  • Adjust your suspension: Get the most out of your fancy mountain bike by knowing how to tweak the compression and rebound for optimal comfort and performance. Squish!
  • Dial in your tire pressure. Do you feel slippy in your singletrack turns? Sluggish on road rides? Your tire pressure might have something to do with it.
  • Change your pedals, without having to ask a dude in the parking lot for help (like I did last week). Anything else you’d like to know? Questions encouraged!

What to bring: A wheel and, if you have ’em, tire levers, and CO2 cartridges or a pump. If you want to share some potluck love, bring a snack or a sweet.

Rumor has it: The Swag Fairy will be there! Door prizes and discounts on bike-cleaning kits, courtesy of Bike Link. They’re also having their annual Christmas sale, with 10-20% off all bikes (including Specialized S-works) and up to 40% off clothing, accessories, and racks.


* Up until last year, I was so “that girl.” I rode for NINE YEARS on mtb tires inflated to 60 psi, and thought, “I will always suck at cornering.” Now I ride at 24 psi and my wheels grab fine in the turn. I also just learned, from Chuck at Bike Link, a pneumonic device that helps me remember which way to turn the wrench when removing my pedals. (Hint: Right=regular/rightie-tightie.)

** OK, so it will brighten the teeth of your chain ring and cassette. But consider this: better shifting = happy rider = brighter smile. Just sayin.’

About Kim Cross

Southern Living Editor-at-Large Kim Cross is an award-winning writer who has edited great Southern authors from Rick Bragg to Fannie Flagg. Her first book, What Stands in a Storm (April 2015, Atria/Simon & Schuster) is a narrative nonfiction account of the greatest tornado outbreak in recorded history. She lives in Alabama.
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